Patient Receives Women’s Only Treatment

At the Rose, we know that each woman who walks through our doors is struggling with a battle all her own. Therefore, in addition to offering a 30-day healing retreat, we have put in place a variety of programs that can meet each individual woman’s unique therapeutic needs.

Women’s Only Treatment
We understand that women experience both addiction and alcoholism much differently than men, which is why we offer a women’s only treatment program that can help focus on the specific struggles that women can face with these issues. This program can help highlight predisposed risk factors such as psychological disorders and family and social risk factors, all of which differ in women than in men. A more caring and empathetic environment not commonly found in co-ed treatment programs is also created through this program.

Family Program
Our once monthly family program offers lectures, workshops and group counseling that benefit women and their families as a whole. Through this program, women can work on reconnecting with their family after addiction through positive healing and education.

Trauma and Drug Addiction Program
We know how complicated it can be for women to work through traumatic events, therefore we have established our trauma and drug addiction program to help them get past the depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, shame and guilt that can develop as a result of their trauma. Through providing the highest level of treatment, The Rose can perform in-depth clinical assessments and follow through with personalized care for each woman in need.

Extended Care Program
In many cases, women require just a little more time before making the transition back into everyday life, which is why we opened The Rose II, a “step-down” program that gives a woman that additional time she needs to heal and develop healthy relationships that will help her stay sober long after she leaves the program.

Dual Diagnosis Program
Many women often struggle with more than one disorder, which classifies them as having a dual diagnosis. At The Rose, we can effectively care for this particular condition by simultaneously treating this diagnosis with both therapeutic care and medication.