Addiction and Trauma treatment news that our staff would like to share with you.

Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Alcohol Addiction

Traumatic experiences during childhood can often lead to addictions to alcohol and other substances during adulthood. more >>>

Women and Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a phenomenon that complicates the treatment of addiction at our facility. more >>>

Rates of Depression Higher in People with History of Cancer

Depression can strike anybody at any time. And for people who have experienced cancer, depression is even more likely to develop. more >>>

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder May Alter Genes

People who experience a traumatic event may begin navigating the world differently from people who haven’t. more >>>

Foods That Have a Positive Effect on Mood

We find that nutrition is a great way to influence recovery and create momentum toward positive change. more >>>

Marijuana Injures the Brain

Marijuana has negative effects on the brain of the user – this is well known. We would like to remind you of another much more dramatic way it can hurt the brain – by causing auto accidents. more >>>

Orthorexia: An Obsession with Healthy Food

Many people have learned the value of a healthy diet over the past two decades. However, some are crossing the line from good health to obsession when it comes to healthy food. more >>>

Methods for Treating Trauma

Trauma can come in many forms. There is a correlation between experiencing trauma and being prone to develop drug addiction or alcoholism. more >>>

Trauma’s Effect on the Brain

A traumatic experience can affect more than just your emotions and mood. It can also affect your brain. more >>>

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep After Experiencing Trauma

Our treatment center for trauma and addiction has many therapeutic processes in place designed to help a woman process or “work through” traumatic events. Here is an article one of our treatment facility staffers wrote about sleeping after a traumatic event. more >>>

VA Changes PTSD Guidelines to Make Treatment More Attainable

Trauma is all too often part of the treatment process. We are always keeping an eye on the news to see stories that highlight the changing dynamic of trauma’s perception by entities like the military. more >>>