A Program of Recovery for the Entire Family

The treatment program at our drug rehab for women is designed to provide help for the entire family system.

While the woman will be discouraged from having telephone access for the first few days, her case manager and treatment team will be in touch with the family immediately and often.  The clinical staff at The Rose will always be available to patiently answer questions you may have. With many years of experience building a strong nationwide network of mental health professionals, we are able to refer you to highly regarded therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and addictionologists in your area should you seek further treatment or information.

After the woman’s initial “no contact” period, the family is welcome to come to Southern California and attend our monthly “family program” session. We feel that the family can be an integral part of the woman’s long-term recovery program and we welcome the family into the woman’s “wheel of treatment.”

Structure and Guidance for the Woman in Treatment

As soon as the woman arrives here in Newport Beach, she will be screened and assessed by our intake department, and an admissions counselor will begin the process of designing an individualized treatment program for her.

Every woman at The Rose has tasks that she must complete which help foster responsibility and accountability. We find that this builds fellowship and self-esteem.

Our clients will awake early and participate in a beach walk before taking a few minutes to participate in a private morning meditation. Throughout the day, the women will strengthen their program of recovery by participating in positive recovery oriented activities, including physical activities that break up the workshops, support groups, and therapy sessions.  For more information about what life will be like at The Rose, visit the page about “A Day in the Life at The Rose.